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The goodness of God is made known in our hearts and brought to our consciousness, as we look forward to godly expectations in Christ. In a nutshell, when we are conscious of the Father's ability to do anything we desire, in accordance with His will, flowing with the certainty of our desire will be knitted together with the real manifestation, exactly as expected, as we confidently rejoice in the abundant provision of His fulfilled promises.

Reference: Romans 8:25 New Living Translation (NLT) "But if we look forward to something we don't yet have, we must wait patiently and confidently."

To exude the right force for the possibility of your desire to take place, you must be willing to combine "looking forward to it", with "waiting patiently and confidently for it." Simply put, when you are expectant, you should have an attitude and that attitude is a right behaviour that you practise and habitually apply, until the manifestation of your expectation. In other words, you must follow a good guiding principle for your expectations to emerge.

Jesus said in Matthew 11:24 (NLT) - "I tell you, you can pray for anything, and if you believe that you've received it, it will be yours." This Scripture provides us with a comprehensive view of what should normally happen in the secret place of prayer before we can look forward to, or expect something we don't yet have. As a Christian, firstly, you must pray about it. Secondly, you should receive your desired answer at the point of prayer, and Jesus says, "it will be yours." However what happens between the point at which you prayed, and the point of seeing and experiencing what you received during prayer, can be known as "expectation."

Expectation is a spiritual law concerned with strong belief that something will happen or be the case. According to Strong's Concordance, it is the Greek word, "elpis" and in the context of today's topic, I translate it as an expectation or hope, with firm trust in the Giver (God) and with enough confidence in the truth that what is expected is sure (certain) to manifest as your earthly reality. Your expectation is the requirement that would strategically position you to uphold or sustain the desire you've prayed about, and then bring you into earthly relationship with the manifestation of that desire. It's like a web that connects your consciousness to the material existence of your desired answer after an effective prayer.

Expectation exists in the human mind alone, which implies that it is the ground base of the reality that is still unseen. In another way, it is usually a spiritual experience that takes place in our mental space and production. Think about it; if we do not behold what we hope for, in the mind realm, how could we possibly connect to it, in order to manifestly possess it? Coming back to our referenced Scripture, which says, "But if we look forward to something we don't yet have, we must wait patiently and confidently," it suggests that an expectation that describes a material existence, plainly needs a commendable outward attitude. And as I mentioned earlier, the right attitude is patience and confidence; through both we expect it. Those who embrace the principle of waiting with such attitude in place, will suddenly realise that their expectation is swiftly possible and quicker than they imagined. Stay tuned for part 2. Shalom!

Scripture Reading - Psalm 27:14; Isaiah 40:31; Lamentations 3:25; Psalm 130:5-6.

Guided Prayer: Thank you Lord for teaching me how to wait for your answer after my prayer, as I stand firm on all you've done for me in Christ Jesus. By waiting patiently and confidently, I renew my strength; I mount up with wings like eagles; I run, but never get weary; I walk, yet I do not faint, and I thereby receive my expectations with joy, in Jesus' Name, Amen!


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