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If you consider this partnership by God's Spirit, and you are willing to subscribe to it, kindly join us. Every SG partner is important to God, because God is mindful of a cheerful giver (2 Corinthians 9:7 NLT). Basically this group is for those who willingly want to get involved in what the Lord is doing through Sense of Grace.  As you partner with us, your partnership would mainly go toward our equipment and suppplies, helping us to raise the best condusive environment for reaching out to many.  You would also be supporting the continued development of our ministry's materials for enhanced propagation of the gospel. 

SG Partnership is a monthly commitment to a 6-month pledge through the button below:

SG Partnership.jpg

Solomonic Generation (SG) Partnership is a partnership that helps SENSE OF GRACE commission to spread the gospel. Its a WHOLEHEARTED COMMITMENT and Sense of Grace' success is totally dependent on how committed  our partners are to the vision of this ministry because God always partners with man to establish His eternal purpose on earth.

£100 monthly Partnership 

This partnership is renewable after 6 months, if you are led to do more. As you give on this fertile ground, the joy of your returning bountiful harvests will never know  limits in  Jesus' Name (Amen).

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