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Every 'Golden News Article' conveys a grace that penetrates the readers' versatility of perception, irrespective of background, level of education and exposure.  It transmits a quality of spiritual realities that coordinates your spiritual senses in such a way that God's Word can easily be understood. While studying the Word of God with Golden News, the reader comes under the influence of this powerful grace that clarifies a high dimension of spiritual truths.  It is enriched with the language, allegory and meaning of Scriptures, and it comes with simplicity of presentation.


Here are few testimonials from highly esteemed readers:


I was introduced to the Golden News by a good friend. At first, I couldn’t be bothered because I'm not a fan of reading books or articles but when I finally got to read after much reminders, I got locked in and found myself longing for updates. I think you should make out time to read it and get inspired by the Word in it so it can help you make a positive change in the areas that concern your life. Thank you.  

Charles Nwachukwu      

(Dublin, Ireland)

Very insightful, thought provoking, educative, wisdom of God, full of the Word of God from a dedicated man of God. "I can't wait to read the next article", that's how I feel each time I read Golden News Article.

Chukwuemeka Joshua Okonkwo

(Osaka, Japan)


I have been digesting the daily article of Golden News (your daily mirror) since last year, and I have to say that it blesses me on so many levels. Not only do I find the devotional valuable in helping me to start my day off - centered and focused, it has helped me to know and experience God more like never before. I bless God for giving me His daily news to navigate my course without difficulties and direct my path in success.  

Collins Chinedu Okeke

(Norrköping, Ostergötland state, SWEDEN)

Golden News Daily Devotional is inspiring. It is really conceived in the Spirit because each article you read empowers you for the day. I wake up every day yearning to devour it. Your life will not remain the same any time you devour this mana from heaven. I recommend it to anyone who desires greatness on this earth.

Kenneth Kanu

(CEO  Onyx Concept)

Kenneth Kanu.jpg

Golden News is an inspired release from the deep well of the Spirit. Every line and sentence breathes and quickens, instructs and connects the hungry reader with the Lord and His flow. Golden news offers the right perspective to our spiritual essence, service and commitment. It tells you it is all about the Lord and your inheritance in Him. It is a Bible study guide for everyone and every household. Glory to God!!

Winifred Iyeke
(Lagos, Nigeria)

I have been so blessed by the truth and understanding of the Word Pastor EJC puts into the Golden News Articles. It's very inciteful of applying the Word of God, with wisdom and understanding.

Rita Perkins

(Georgia, USA)


Golden news is a source of strength. Reading it on a daily basis keeps my spirit lifted. The presence of the Holy Spirit is just so evident. You cannot afford to miss it any day!

Audrey Auds Abraham

(Johannesburg, South Africa)

Congratulations on a really relevant, excellent and informative articles GOLDEN NEWS. I always make time to read it because it comes with a clear understanding of the Word of God and it's simplified. 

Chinenye Jones

(Durban, South Africa)

chinenye jones.jpg

In the past few years, I've never been encouraged and inspired for success, the way I've been at the moment. Why? Because the Lord has shown me so much pictures about His sufficient grace and ability available to achieve my dream through my daily times with Golden News Articles. I absolutely love GOLDEN NEWS because God's presence is so tangible in each article. Thank you Pastor EJC.

Fred Mbaziiri  

(London, United Kingdom)

I'm privileged to always study Golden News and my spiritual life is lifted by so doing.
My mother was bedridden for the past one year as a result of stroke and I was opportuned to have her Prayed for by the Man Of God (Pst Ekene Joseph Chukwuagu) and to God be glory, her health was restored completely within one week. Thank you JESUS.

Golden Jerry Omoye

(Kogi State, Nigeria)


Praise God for Golden News! The messages are often timely; it speaks to your soul and revives the Spirit. Golden News delivers the Word with depth and spiritual understanding, which allows the reader to digest it and meditate over it like we can't do without the Word. To put it simply, Golden News is a golden resource. Be blessed in receiving these life enriching messages.

Ada Shoderu

(London, United Kingdom)

I enjoy reading Golden News Articles: It's informative, inspirational and well presented.

Angela Lopes-Nwonye

(London, United Kingdom)



Golden News has been so inspirational and actually impacted my life positively. It is highly recommended for every Christian. More Grace to Pastor EJC for sharing this glorious massages. To God be the Glory.

Nnamdi Nnanyelugo Edeh

(Scotland, United Kingdom)

One Article you can always count on to bring the unveiled truth is the Golden News. We can stand tall in the Kingdom knowing that the 'Golden News Article' will always raise the standard. So, don't hesitate to get your daily inspiration and revelation here!

Catherine Green, Minister

(Illinois, USA)


On the 5th April 2019, I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in both ovaries. I started with chemotherapy beginning of May.

During this time the Lord not only carried me, but also sent so many Christian friends, including Pastor EJC on my path who encouraged me with Scriptures, personal prayers and confessions for my healing as well as Golden news messages. These messages uplifted me in those dark hours, when I felt like giving up.

The Lord is so faithful to put Pastor EJC on my path. The Golden news strengthened me and gave me Hope.
On 12 September 2019, I went for blood tests and a scan and there was no trace of cancer in my body and cancer count was 7 (0 - 35 is normal). This experience strengthened my faith and changed my perspective of life in a positive way.

Praise the Lord for His Mercy and Grace and for Healing!

Albertina Murray and Daughter, Voyene Ingram

(Pretoria, South Africa)

I want to thank God for Pastor's articles. They are true inspiration to me. They encourage me daily. More grace, Pastor Ekene.

Ifeoma Asama

(Purfleet, United Kingdom)

NANCY GRACE_edited.jpg

The Golden news articles have truly been an inspiration and blessing to me. It is the Word of God, delivered to me on a Golden platter. I always feel blessed to read the articles as they cause me to praise and worship God for His love, mercy, faith, fullness and power in my life. The articles also empower me to prosper and remind me daily of who I am in Christ. Thank you Pastor Ekene for allowing God to use you and inspire you to bless lives. You are a great blessing!

Nancy Grace

(London, United Kingdom)

Golden News devotional is a spiritual food I look forward to eating every day. It has a phenomenal way of disserting and simplifying the Word of God to every reader's understanding. I am glad to be a part of this end time army depopulating the kingdom of darkness via books. More grace to Pastor Ekene Chukwuagu, the man who yielded himself for this higher calling.

Uche Ojukwu 

(Imo State, Nigeria)

UCHE OJUKWU_edited_edited.jpg

Golden news has divinely taught me that God is love and peace of the soul geared towards transforming the way I see and reason recently about the life I live......                                               

 Ejiofor Ezeifeoma

(Lagos, Nigeria)

Golden news has been impactful to my life & I can appreciate God’s presence within each article.

 Adaeze Orji

(Atlanta - Georgia, USA)


Golden New is a divine devotional born at the right time. A devotional full of revelational truth and power. Being connected to it's revelation has brought a lot of impact and grace to me.


Franklin Nwaubani

(Enugu - Nigeria)

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