Interact with inspirational quotes based on the Word of God and spiritual chanting. They awaken the essence of being, refresh the soul, and recharge the spirit (Ecclesiastes 12:9-11 MSG).

Advice does not have sufficient power to save the lost soul; the glorious gospel is only the power that delivers salvation to the lost.

Prayer defines the posture of a heart totally dependent on God; it is the language of communication for those who can't make it on their own.

Without authority, no divine purpose can come to fulfilment. Every divine purpose is accompanied and accomplished by the wisdom of authority.

The Kingdom of God is a domain where the will of God is serviced, not where the ambition of men are expressed.

The accurate and exact knowledge of God is the only facility that shapes your walk with God and gives value to your faith.

Those who worry a lot, do not know a lot about God.

The Word of God is the sign post pointing to salvation, healing, health, protection, victory and all-round prosperity. Don't stop at the sign post; read and activate the signpost with your mouth, so you can always arrive safely at the listed destinations.

Having a personal relationship with God does not mean 'working for God' rather it means 'walking with God'. You are not hired; you are a heir of the Kingdom.

Wisdom, patience, and greatness are very good friends. They are as close as human hair is to the skull.

The greatest challenge a man can encounter in life is not the devil (he is already defeated). It is lack of knowledge and the right application of it.

Words carry creative energy. Introducing the Word of God into your system is piling up accurate information with the potential to construct and shape your greatness.

God's Word is best received with meekness, not with intellectual intelligence.

It matters the time you give to God because it takes time to know God. The profound nature of God is not cheaply revealed to men. It takes a great deal of spiritual hunger. And until that hunger supersedes every other desire in your life, you'll still be far from entertaining God successfully.

Just because God loves us does not mean His presence is cheap. Anything of value carries a great price.

The answer to every limitation in your life is the arrival of the Holy Spirit at the scene.

Durability is the strength of strong faith.

Stop patronising your past. Its difficult to locate God in the past because His Name is not the 'GREAT I WAS'. He is the 'GREAT I AM'.

Perfection in Christ does not mean 'flawless'; it means stable maturity in spiritual understanding and communication.

A life of purpose in Christ is more rewarding and fulfilling than a life of fame.

God's purpose for your life is the stronghold of your destiny.

The Word of God is not just designed to inspire, it is also designed to inform, reform, transform, and perform, as you conform.

Concentration is the zip code of success in any area of life, be it in academics, any career, and also, in human affairs' management.

Concentration is the strength  of determination.

The measure of the strength of your concentration is not whether you have a tough problem to deal with, but how well you can focus in the midst of pressure and in surrounding and inviting influences.

A concentration maintained today is a springboard to future success, to bigger and greater achievements.

Concentration is what you do about your goals and how you align yourself with the requirements of your assignment; enthusiasm is how you feel about it and the interest you invest in it.

Laughter is the effect of being filled with expressions of joyful emotions, created by joyous moments. We don't always laugh because its a laughing matter; laughter is a fantastic outreach and response toward all things, with drastic element of faith.

Miraculous encounters flow in the direction of man's expectation. Low expectation; less miraculous experience.

God doesn't reward man based on his level of achievement; His reward is based on faithfulness at any level of genuine commitment.

Walking in God's perfect will, equals divine accuracy.

Your results are the actual value of your faith; they're as exactly as your faith is.

Bible stories are real stories. They are full of shadows and realities of eternal truths, played out in the practical lives of real people.

Spirit-based realities are established by utterances, not by acquiring them as head knowledge.

The realm where God addresses and responds to issues is higher than the realm where men address issues.

The energy that you give expression to is the byproduct of the spirit you are yielded to.

Hell was not created for nothing. It is an arranged overflow for anyone who fails to secure a place in heaven, in the realm of time. Reflect!

Your authority in Christ can only be exercised to the level of your submission to the Holy Spirit

Eternity has nothing to do with the breath on a man's nostril. It transcends time. It is a realm of immortality; a force that sustains unending existence.

Spiritual realities vary at different energy levels. It is the reason God does not do business with all men at the same spiritual vista, level and dimension.

 In order to be relevant in God's calendar, the sacrifice of alignment to His perfect will for you cannot be ignored.

The move of God is run on the economy of wisdom and power, not on the frequency of eloquence and charisma.

The pathway of sacrifice is the key to greatness in God's Kingdom.

Walking in God's perfect will, equals divine accuracy.

To be constantly governed by the Holy Spirit's intelligence, is to emit God as an energy in your world.

Spirituality does not exist at the realm of feelings and emotions; it sustains its flow on the strength of God's Spirit.

Jesus is a theatre, full of miraculous wonders and performances. All His dimensions are the expression of the miraculous. A genuine encounter with Him will usually leave you with a lasting testament.

The beauty of the new creation lies in his ability to reveal, express and manifest the attributes of divinity in the earth realm.

The main purpose of every encounter with God is to climb new height in the consciousness of His essence. The more you encounter God, the more the reality of His essence becomes your established awareness.

Faith has nothing to do with trial and error. It is simply an access code for claiming and obtaining your inheritance in Christ.

Every challenge or adversity you encounter is your size, fitted for your promotion. They equip you for your purpose. Never be discouraged or dismayed because you're already labelled "blessed and triumphant" in Christ.

Worry is one of the most useless activities in life. All it changes is blood pressure. The lasting cure for worry is to be anxious for nothing.

You cannot convince men about God in the open effectively until you convince God about men in the closet.

There's no possible balance between spirituality and worldliness. Carnality cannot cope with the things of the Spirit. It will give way to the other.

Wisdom is the ability to connect to any revelation from God's Word and engage it for victory and dominion over any situation contrary to God's plan for you.

By planting God's Word as a seed, you can create any possibility you desire, in line with God's will.

There's no spiritual truth or revelation that delivers notable results without persistent application. Every truth is persistent friendly; you must be consistent with it.

Trouble is a sign that God desires a new level of relationship with you. It always calls for a new height of fellowship and consultation with God. If you upgrade your personal relationship with God, you'll definitely respond to trouble with the mindset of a victor.

'We seemed like grasshoppers in our own eyes, and we looked the same to them', the spies reported. But Caleb had a different spirit. Its not about the physical stature of a man; its the spirit backing him up that counts. Your report and self perception have a lot to do with the way you approach life, and they are a direct function of the ability of the spirit active in you.

Faith is a spiritual touch. You can touch God by faith. He usually responds with great delight.

There is no sense of limitation in Christ because Christ is a place of unlimited possibilities. For with God, all things are possible.

God's sovereignty or predestination does not disqualify man's free will. Man has a free will to make choices. However man's salvation is by predestination.

Success in God's Kingdom does not happen on the frequency of struggle. You won't find it there. It flows on the frequency of grace, which the Holy Spirit supervises.

On His way to feed his elder brothers and check on their welfare, he encountered Goliath. It wasn't David's plan in the first place. The giant-sized prey unfortunately got in his way!

To know and access the will of God, study His Word. To walk in God's will, do His Word.

Fear is a negative advice waiting to be activated. Courage is a positive advice waiting to be actioned. The advice you activate or action, will determine the results you establish.

Success is attracted first, by the positive transitions that take place in your mind.

The results in any area of life can be short-lived unless they come with sustainable growth.

Everything that happens in a man's life is a reflection of what is already in his mind. Therefore, to function in excellence, keep your mind steadily subscribed to new intelligence and rewarding creativities.

Marry a spouse who needs you as much as you need him/her.

Understanding is proof of mastery. Whatever you have that you cannot sustain, did not come to you by understanding.

Faith in God and living by His Word facilitate lasting joy and promotion.

The voice of God is implanted in the Scriptures. Declaring the Scriptures is echoing His voice and a means of giving it an external form.

Just as the moon reflects the light of the Sun, we reflect the glory of God, when we meditate on His Word.

Faith is a means of exchange in the supernatural realm. It can afford and acquire any blessing God has in store for you, regardless of the size.

The light of God's Word is the emblem of true prosperity.

Revelation knowledge manifests light; Ignorance of God's Word promotes darkness.

The real power of God's peace is usually demonstrated in the biggest storm.

God weighs the level of our spiritual growth in a scale of our services to Him, plus faith and trust in Him.

Exercising raw faith in God in the hills of tribulation, keeps you in balance against any opposition.

A man with a weak faith does not need a storm of trials to blow his hope to pieces; a mere puff of wind will do it.

If we could give all the love in our hearts in one offering, how much would your love for God weigh? Radical love for God is the key to a life of wonder.

Opposition is a clear sign that God has given it to you.

The habit of studying God's Word and staying in fellowship with the Holy Spirit ensures the clarity of God's purpose for your life. Refuse to take such habit for granted!

You won't make heaven because you are so nice but because you are born again.

Familiarity and low expectations are masked enemies of miracle.

There's an attitude to receiving the Word of God for a change or for the miracle you desire to take place in your life. Stand your ground; refuse to give in to distractions or lying vanities. Be expectant & stay focused!

Your lasting success in life is dependent on the right and continuous application of the law of faith.


In life, knowledge is vast but the wise man goes for the right knowledge. This is because not every knowledge increases wisdom and adds lasting value. The knowledge of good and evil will always abound; however the choice is yours!

laughter is the beginning of strength, but joy sustains it.

Your victory in Christ Jesus is certain but not automatic. You must be willing to engage divine principles embedded in God's Word to establish it in your world.

If it affects you, it is God's business too. You are the apple of His very eyes.

Expressing confidence or being positive in an unfavourable circumstance is not inexperience or cluelessness. It's a function of mastered repose and absolute dominion.

Our limited perspective about God cannot make Him less than who He already is. He's been Almighty before any creation existed and He is Almighty forever.

Let the Holy Spirit help you fulfil your destiny. Don't drag your purpose.

Do not study God's Word with an intent to acquire knowledge but with an intent to know and encounter God.


True worship is a solemn adoration to God for who He is. It is an expression of Godly reverence characterized by deep sincerity.


Faith always rests upon the power of God to perform His Word. Faith affirms that with God involved in that matter, it's not impossible!


The level of your active relationship with God always determines the extent of your challenges and the quality of blessings that locate you.


It takes just a little fear to bow to challenging and difficult situation but it takes a lot of courage to stand firm on God's Word in the face of the same situation. Therefore use the Word  often to build and sustain courage.


No glorious destiny is possible and attainable without the influence and empowerment of the Holy Spirit.


To stand out in life, you must develop a dedicated degree of passion to please God.


Faith cannot be faked because it involves real personal experience gained by one's ability to withstand opposition.


All things are possible to Him that believes; therefore make failure unacceptable.


Your access to vision and fresh revelation of spiritual truths is limited without the Holy Spirit. He is the key to accessing any glorious insight.


During natural birth, a mother gives birth to a human being with a limited life span. However, anyone can extend or beat this life span by changing the status from 'limited' to 'eternal'. Simply put, limited life is available in natural man; eternal life is available in Christ.


Your faith-coated declarations are programmed positive events queued for manifestation. They are testimonies waiting to be published.


The strength of faith is displayed in its victory over fears. God honours faith; and great faith moves God to action.


Be free of people's opinion; be full of God's Word. Let the Word of God dwell richly in you. Any opinion that does not line up with God's will is sense-based.


In Christ Jesus, nothing needs to be fixed. The finished work on your behalf doesn't need further editing. Everything about your greatness is unfolding perfectly. So when you stand in your "now", accepting that all is well, and then speak faith-filled words, in line with that consciousness, you become surrounded by more and more evidence that all is well.


Know who you are. Then know what you want in life. Locate the cost and go for it. Then pay the price & you'll have it in reality


The Holy Spirit is our permanent possession as Christians. Thank God for the precious gift of His Spirit that makes the difference in our lives and guarantees our good success in life


Until you give up, God is committed to honouring His Word in your life.




You can't have a destiny-transforming encounter with God while walking in the flesh.



There's no fiction about the Christian faith. It is a proven reality with historical facts, evidences and eyewitnesses.



God's Word is the ultimate authority that grants expression to the dimensions of God in our faith walk.





Divine wisdom is a Spirit-inspired insight that generates solutions from spiritual realities and revelation.







A contrite heart and a broken spirit are a proven system that denotes humility and beckons the mercy of God.



The degree to which God breaks and moulds you is the degree to which He uses you to make a difference.

Your life is a written script in the spirit realm, with the roles being acted in time realm by you and the connections in your world.

The feeling of goosebumps does not indicate the active presence of the Holy Spirit in you.

The power of God unto salvation is the only medium for positioning men's lives to conform to the ordinances of God's will for their lives.

Quality praise and worship trigger the jealousy of God in your direction.


To walk by the dictates of the flesh is to undermine the relevance of the Holy Spirit's guidance.


Death to ego grants access to unusual dimension of divine attention and glory.

Your stand with God is more important than men's applause.

Prayerlessness is a powerful barrier to effective flow with divinity.

The Kingdom of God revolves around One man and His name is Jesus Christ, the radiance of God's glory.


The manifestation of great dimension of blessings in your life depends on the conscious awareness of your identity in Christ.


Our true priorities are revealed in the way we use things that we cherish most.


In Christ, evil plot is often God's original plan to lift you.


The new creation is loaded with divine possibilities but to host and manifest those possibilities, he must be subjected to God's Word to gain an intensifying degree of transformation based on His image.


The power of God is not based on doctrine; it is the