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                                                                 MESSAGE FOR GOLDEN NEWS PROMOTERS 


GOLDEN  NEWS is a special devotional guide for everyone. You can give the gift of Golden News (your daily mirror) to your loved ones/friends and bring God to the borders of their habitation. When people read and study the Word with it, it will not only bless their spirit tremendously, it will also flood their hearts with the glorious light, making them a reflection of God's glory in the midst of dark world. 


Our prayer is that these devotionals will uphold you in your faith journey and strengthen your relationship with the Lord day by day.


Because of your gracious support, our ministry provides daily encouragement, devotionals, and resources to people so they can live for Jesus in today's world. We are both joyful and grateful!


We'll send you a copy with any amount on the form below (suggested minimum donation of £5).


What volume would you like as your present ? 

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