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The ultimate purpose of God's plan for His children is to position them to experience the fullness of freedom in this present world. However, this is only possible through one important channel or vehicle: "Truth". If we study, read and meditate on the Word and uniformly walk by its principles, it will surely govern our inner being or spirit and enable and strengthen us to magnify the potency of perfect freedom in our lives, as we experience more of it.

Reference: Psalm 119:45 Contemporary English Version (CEV) "I have gained perfect freedom by following your teachings."

The GOD'S WORD® Translation penned it in this manner, "I will walk around freely because I sought out your guiding principles." Freedom is a product of free spirit; it has no atom of bondage in its manifestations. It is void of every form of spiritual and physical shackles or yoke. In fact, perfect freedom is the power to proceed with grace and divine approval in every area of life - without restraints, fear or limitations. If you desire any good thing or virtue in life, the best and easiest way to obtain it is to locate and grasp the understanding and practical knowledge of attaining it (know-how). This is what the Psalmist revealed in the above Scripture. To obtain perfect freedom, seek out the truth of God's Word and follow the guiding principles.

John 8:32 says, "And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free" (NKJV). David obtained perfect freedom by knowing and following the truth, which is brimful in divine teachings or precepts. One of the great benefits the truth of God's Word grants us is that it reveals our "identity" and "purpose" in Christ. Both are necessary to access the immense freedom in the Lord. Every Christian should never be dull to comprehend and embrace their identity in Christ and as well identify and function with their God's given purpose. The neglect of these two spiritual principles will keep you in spiritual and physical bondage.

God has given us the advantage of His Word in order to choose freedom and live the abundant life in Christ Jesus. Since perfect freedom is founded on the truth overflowing in the Scriptures, our responsibility is to master the truth, appropriate and establish them in our lives in a viable manner. Jesus Christ is the standard and personification of true freedom, as well as the model of all virtues. Through His atonement and perfect sacrifice, we gained our first freedom from sinful nature and spiritual death. Notably, we must be well-instructed that freedom is progressive in stages, layers and dimensions, and so we can only experience its upward trajectory by being inundated and saturated with the teachings of the Word on a regular basis.

Simply put, the freedom we gain through the Word of God has no boundary or confines. The more we know and learn the truth, the more we live victoriously beyond the enemy's lies and schemes. Therefore, as long as we live for God, we must pursue heightened freedom through the wisdom of God's revealed truth, and aim to perfect in it in order to develop and express the Christ-like character to the full. This is because the bedrock of perfect freedom is our inspired reliance upon the divine guiding principles well-supplied in the Word. More so, the more freedom we gain through the Word, the more growth and perfection we attain in Christ. In addition, every selfless Christian who is experiencing perfect freedom in Christ will always desire to bless others with it, especially by extending it through sharing the glorious gospel with those who are yet to receive Christ as Lord. Shalom!

Scripture Reading - John 8:36; 2 Corinthians 3:17; Ephesians 3:12; Romans 8:2-21; Galatians 5:1.

Guided Prayer: Blessed Father in heaven, I thank you for granting me insight into the mysteries and excellence of functioning in perfect freedom. Hence, I grow in and experience perfect freedom, for I speak of your testimonies and have devoted myself to your Word. According to your glory revealed in me, I walk in wide and high places, for you delight in me. Your truth inspires higher demand in my inward being to conform to your will and to continually fulfil your purpose for my life from the standpoint of freedom in Jesus' Name, Amen!

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