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1. Without being in synchrony with the Holy Spirit, you'll never have the foundation required to build an intimate relationship with the Godhead.

2. Effective prayer life is the portal for spiritual transactions that rain down spiritual blessings.

3. The Church is the umbrella of grace in the dispensation of the Holy Spirit.

4. If you speak and stand on the Word, the Word will stand and speak for you.

5. The voice of the Holy Spirit determines the surest route to fulfilling any glorious destiny in Christ.

6. Your vision is the evidence of your glory and the substance of your God-ordained destiny.

7. There's always a Haman close to the promotion of a God-fearing person.

8. No born again Christian just decided to be in Christ; God factored you in before the foundation of the earth was laid.

9. In Christ, every saint is called to mirror God's dimensions and become a representative of His reality in the earth realm.

10. The full display of your divinity begins when you travel deep into the portal where Christ is fully formed in you.



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