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I'm introducing a new topic known as solemn request. What do I mean by this important topic? Solemn request is a formal and dignified prayer, which is characterized by an outpouring of heartfelt wordings that denote a sincere demand, with a hearty display of deepest desire for it. More below!

Reference: 1st John 5:14-15 New International Version (NIV)

"This is the confidence we have in approaching God: that if we ask anything according to his will, he hears us. And if we know that He hears us—whatever we ask—we know that we have what we asked of Him."

After praying about this very theme, I was led to attach the word "Solemn" as a prefix to "Request" because it signifies a proper explanation for a substantial demand that embodies earnest allegiance and dedication to God in the arena of effective prayer, meaning that the dignity that comes with your prayer request is fashioned after the manner of divine will.

When a request is solemn, it has an aim and a purpose, and you must pray towards realising the expected effect, in line with a convinced perception based on your analysed dictates pointed out in the prayer points.

Into the bargain, we are confident that God hears us whenever we ask for anything that pleases Him. Aren't we? For this reason, in the character of exuding the manifest grace of God at work in me, I will split the versified statement into 6 segments so as to concretize the explanation of any seeming underlying significance - without difficulty, in order not to shift the phrasing out of their proper order, thereby conveying the accurate interpretation of the versified passage by definite spiritual understanding, and in accordance with the order of mention in which they occur below:

1. This is the confidence we have in approaching God:

2. That if we ask anything according to His will,

3. He hears us.

4. And if we know that He hears us,

5. Whatever we ask,

6. We know that we have what we asked of Him.

Beloved, solemn request is a deep and inward expression of the desires and expectations of the righteous, with an attached effusive affection to the petition at hand, which finds an extraordinary expression within the consciousness and hallway of a moral state of mind, whereby the Spirit-led Christian is fully and strategically positioned in regard to walking into some present and future "favourable" eventualities programmed by God Himself as an answered prayer.

Solemn request is a seed usually sown in the fitting atmosphere of the secret place before the Most high, which comes with a guaranteed reward (see Matthew 6:6 NASB). One thing I know is that one thing is requisite, and will remain one thing consequentially requisite: You'll receive as you ask in faith. Stay tuned for part 2. Shalom!

Scripture Reading - Mark 11:24; John 15:7; Philippians 4:6; Ephesians 6:18.

Guided Prayer:

Dear Father in heaven, you have never shut your ears to my solemn requests; your faithfulness vibrates in response to the sound waves of my prayer wordings. I'm therefore entirely grateful that you have opened the recent ones and have established them in accordance with the faith-filled potency of my saintly utterances in Jesus' Name, Amen!


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