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Life is what you really make it. When you are more conscious of negativity and what the enemy is always doing in your life or against you, you might end up being suspicious of everyone around you, and without knowing it, you'll keep expecting that evil will happen. Your prayers will be based on launching attack against the already defeated enemy, and then your story will always be about what the enemy did and how you narrowly survived or escaped. This is so, because your mind has been programmed in that direction over time.

But when you constantly meditate on God's goodness in His Word, your thoughts are easily directed to dwell on the positive sides of life and your prayers are full of thanksgiving & joyous tongues, regardless of any circumstance. You'll observe that you always go about with a merry heart, you're full of celebration and you always expect positive response from everyone. Why? Because, for a merry heart, life is a continual feast. Even when you encounter those who declare themselves your haters, they can be overwhelmed by your outlook and sometimes even be transformed by the power of positivity displayed in your life.

Reference: Proverbs 15:15 New Living Translation (NLT)

'...for the happy heart, life is a continual feast.'

Your outlook determines the quality of life you live. A positive outlook keeps you happier and more resilient. It improves your relationship with others and increases your chances of being successful in any endeavour. In addition, having a positive outlook makes you more responsible and enables you to make better decisions that count. It helps you to focus on the good in yourself, the good in your life, and the good in others.

A story was told about a wise old man in a little town, who normally sat on his rocking chairs with his grandson, outside his petrol station, watching and greeting tourists, as they passed through the little town. One day, a tall man, new to the town walked out of his car, as he looked around the area to view and secure a place to live. Out of curiosity, he asked the old man outside the petrol station, 'what kind of town is this? The old man replied him asking, 'what kind of town are you from?' The man responded, 'A town where the residents are critical of each other; full of negative minds.' Then the old man said, 'that's just how this town is too.'

On another day, a family passing through as tourists, also stopped for petrol and asked the old man a similar question about the town. 'Is this town a good place to settle down?' 'Well, what about the town you came from? The old man replied. The family said, 'our town is full of friendly people, who are always willing to offer a helping hand.' The old man smiled and said, 'that's exactly how this town is.' Then the family drove off after buying petrol. The grandson, being observant, became inquisitive about the two different answers and asked a minute later, 'Grandpa, 'how come you told the first man the other day that this was a terrible place to live, and then told the second family today that this same town is wonderful place to live?'

The old man looked at his grandson with a lovely smile and said to him, 'handsome, no matter where you go, you'll definitely take your mindset and outlook with you. And that's one of the factors that determine how terrible or wonderful you'll find an environment to be.' Yes, life is what you make it, which is why the Bible says, 'For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he' (Proverbs 23:7 NKJV).

Scripture Reading- Proverbs 13:16; 17:22; Ecclesiastes 10:12; Philippians 4:8

Exuberant Declaration:

As a child of the Most high God, I display a positive outlook, attitude and countenance everywhere I go. I speak, talk and act differently and my atmosphere is continually saturated with righteousness, peace, joy and excellence. As I meditate daily on God's Word, my mind is programmed to think accordingly and to act in line with what it talks about. Thank you, Lord!


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