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Light is primarily a luminous emanation from certain bodies, which enables the eyes to discern form and colour. The Word of God is a glorious light that involves the management of guidance of any aspect of Christian life. It is directive in operation. It directs us on what to do, how to walk and how to discern, so that we can navigate our path clearly and successfully, and not stumble in the dark. Primarily, all divine guidance is rooted in the Word.

Reference: Psalm 119:105 New International Version (NIV, 1984 Edition) 'Your Word is a lamp to my feet and a light for my path.'

The verse above was written by the Psalmist. We normally use lamps in a dark area, so we can see properly as we walk in our various pathways. Light from a lamp illuminates pathways. So figuratively, the Psalmist referred to God's Word as a lamp which gives light to our path and every aspect of our existence.

There are many Greek words translated as light, but in Hebrew Grammar, it is termed Ohr (plural: Ohros/Ohrot), and it has meanings that denote the delight it inspires and the illumination it gives. From the perspective of the Scripture, it suggests a divine influence that brighten up, enlighten, illuminate, (bring to, give) light, or make to see, and it's often used metaphorically for light of salvation, divine presence or divine principles.

The Word of God is our sure guide and the source of divine light. Psalm 119:130 (NKJV) tells us that the entrance of God's Word gives light; It gives understanding to the simple. Without the regular daily intake of the Word, you'll entertain concerns on how to handle the issues of life, instead of understanding what's God's best for you and the right direction your life should go. When the Word of God enters into the chambers of the heart, light is scattered on all sides, empowering you to access all-important information pertaining any event or situation connected to your life, such that you can never be cheerless or disappointed walking with God. That's to tell you that the Word is of great value.

Whatever God tells you in His Word, you can count on it. There are precepts in Scriptures, but mainly God has given us principles to follow. These principles provide light in form of wisdom, discernment, good "decision-making" ability, good judgement and the power to perceive what is not visible to the ordinary human mind. The light of the Word enables us to be quick in understand things of the Spirit, and it directs us on how to successfully move and prevail under all conditions of life, by showing us responsive insight into lasting peace, unquestionable dominion, and substantial transformation.

Instead of turning to every other person for guidance, learn to give ear to the Word and take action based on its dictates, in order to actualise your goal or purpose in accordance with God's will for you. Always make His Word your first option rather than your last resort. As you fellowship with the Word, the Holy Spirit will grant you shrewd pragmatic acumen and perceptive approach to life's challenges, more than enough to keep you in the victorious direction. Sometimes, He will drop in your heart, the answer to that question lingering doubts in your mind. Yes, the greatest clarity as to God's will for right step, proper business and upward directional progress, will often come from meditating on His Word.

Of all the great promises God gave us in His Word, not one word has ever failed. When you hold on to their manifestation, they'll light up any gloomy corridor in any aspect of your life. Today and always, you can express certainty of dependence on the Word and stay absolutely convinced that you'll never miss your way as you walk in the light of it.

Scripture Reading - Psalm 43:2; Proverbs 6:23; Job 29:3; Psalm 18:28; John 8:12.

Exuberant Declaration: The Word of God is a perfect light with excellent properties. As I give due attention to it, I experience divine illumination. Like the beams of the sun, the Word enters through the window of my understanding to dispel any form of darkness, to uproot every unwanted weed, and to help me overcome unfavourable encounters and uninviting experience in any aspect of my life. Being grounded and settled in the light, I continually receive proper guidance inspired by the Holy Spirit, enabling me to walk in excellence and prosper in all that I do. Hallelujah!


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