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Some Christians know what it feels like to be discouraged, to be engulfed with worldly concerns, or to be dominated by the desires of the flesh, simply because they take - singing praises to the Lord - for granted. Being imprisoned by such tools of the devil can take away your song. But when you are always in tune with God's Spirit and conscious of your freedom in Christ, you can always find great joy in singing with all your heart to the Lord.

Reference: Song of Solomon 2:12 New Living Translation (NLT)

'The flowers are springing up, the season of singing has come, and the cooing of turtledoves fills the air.'

Singing with passion to the Lord encourages us to know and grow in our relationship with God. Singing praises is a practical application of God's Word. Have you ever heard some Christians complain like this, 'Look at what I'm going through; its like God has forsaken me'? Why? This is because they've forgotten the joy of singing and making melodies to the Lord. Thus, they resort to undervaluing the supremacy of the Kingdom they belong to.

When you walk by sight instead of faith, you easily act on what you see, hear or feel, instead of standing on the Word at all times and maintaining the ascendancy of dominion over any situation. In any circumstance, whether you feel like God is there or not, remember that your faith walk is not based on feeling, it is based on your faith in the Word.

What did the Word say? Matthew 28:20 (NLT), reads, '...And be sure of this: I am with you always, even to the end of the age.' In other words, no matter how you feel, you are not alone. Even when you feel like God is far, your feeling is but for a moment; God is always there in you, with you and for you, and remember that 'feeling' is subject to change. So you must realise that God loves you with an everlasting loving-kindness, beyond feeling.

Jeremiah 8:7 (CEV) says, 'Storks, doves, swallows, and thrushes all know when it's time to fly away for the winter and when to come back. But you, my people, don't know what I demand.' That means, God's people sometimes complain, murmur and lose heart because they don't know that they can touch the heart of God with singing. What does God demand? He demands your praise at all times. No matter the situation of things in your life, always know that the flowers are springing up in the garden of your life, and that means, all is well with you and all is working for your glory.

Your season of singing is now; therefore, stir up an atmosphere of praise and worship, just as the voice of turtledoves fills the air (see referenced Scripture). Instead of murmuring, declare that 'it is well with you'. It's your season to shine forth. Sing and declare it so; welcome your season of wholeness or wellbeing in its freshness, by singing and making melodies to the Lord. Refuse to complain, faint, or accept any feeling of discouragement.

You can never lose by praising God; you always win. In your newness of life, you can ascend to the heavenlies and enjoy blissful fellowship with God through singing. Whether or not you are a great singer, nothing should be enough to keep you from belting out a song of praise and of joy from time to time. Learn to sing praises to God until you're soaked with His love and filled with the Spirit.

Scripture Reading - Psalm 68:6; Isaac 42:10; Psalm 89:1; Acts 16:25; Colossians 3:16.

Guided Prayer:

Thank you heavenly Father because of your faithfulness and mercy directed well toward me. Your unconditional love gives me every reason to sing of your goodness and grace upon my life. I choose to express your love often, through praising and worshipping you with your wonderful testimonies on my lips. My thankfulness in the rhythm of my songs will continually lift your Name high in the presence of everyone in my world, in Jesus' Name, Amen!


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