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1st John 1:3 (NASB):

'And indeed our fellowship is with the Father and with His Son, Jesus Christ.'

"Our fellowship is with the Godhead."

Fellowship is a function of fraternity. Fraternity is a group of people sharing a common profession or interests. For instance, we have the medical fraternity - those who share the same medical profession and nurture common interest in the medical field.

In Christ, our fraternity is the quality of showing brotherly love and having fellowship or communion with God and others in the Christian faith. In fellowship, people who are presumed to have something in common, come together to share and exchange intimate thoughts and feelings, especially on a mental or spiritual level. We have this fellowship with God and His Son, our Lord Jesus Christ, powered by the Holy Spirit.

Please note this: Fraternity is not an evil word; it is an English word which can be used in any sentence for good purposes. It's not owned by the devil. In the Greek language or translation, it represents fellowship.

Our fellowship is divinely oriented. We are in union with God and His son, Jesus Christ and so we share the same interests because we are partakers of divine nature according to 2 Peter 1:4. To be in the fraternity of the Godhead is to be a partaker of the divine nature. That means that the characteristics of God's nature have become your own - through His Spirit and power at work in you!

The month of May is unique because its the one of the four months that have five 'Sundays' this year. Same must be your fellowship with the Lord. Make it a unique month of encounter with the Lord.

It is the time to seek the Lord in spirit and in truth because we are living in the last days of time and so we must allow the Holy Spirit to teach us how to live and to discern, identify, and overcome anything that represents the enemy of our faith. Be a man or woman of His presence. Don't be in a hurry while fellowshipping with God. Don't be in a rush when its time to spend time with God.

Years are flying by, and Christ's glorious coming is drawing nearer by the day; let each passing day arouse you to set your heart in order, be at peace with God, and align your conducts with the realities of His Kingdom. We are still here in the era of good grace (dispensation of grace) - be thankful for that - but also be mindful that it is a limited time and it grows shorter every time the clock ticks.

There in the silence of your home or environment, on this first week of the month, I speak to you with the best I can pen down, by paper and ink, or obviously, by typing, and from my inmost soul, as God's servant, "It is the time to engage the Lord on the strength of sincere fellowship and time to raise the level of your conscious relationship with your maker." Beloved, do not make light of your fellowship with God and our Lord Jesus Christ henceforward. This is a timely syllable from the lips of grace.

For more information about the Month of Fellowship, please kindly visit: senseofgrace. org senseofgrace. net senseofgrace. org . uk

For agreement prayers / prayer for divine healing, write to: enquiries@senseofgrace. org. uk

God bless you richly,



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