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1. A true Christian service is more of a heart-work, than an eye-catching display.

2. Charisma without Christ is a mere empty vanity.

3. Effective prayer life is practical; it is mastered by praying without ceasing.

4. The practice of truth is the product of profitable submission to the Word of God.

5. Helping people in need gives a sense of purpose. Its like infecting them with positivity, new outlook and confidence when you notice that they're going through tough times.

6. Divine inspiration is the fruit of a mind that meditates on the Word.

7. Once you've got so much kindness to give, you'll easily get in touch with people's positive emotions.

8. If you doubt the power of faithfulness, just look at how far the enemy can go to silence the faithful because we live in a crooked and wicked world.

9. Arguing with wicked people is unwise. As experts in evil schemes, they will beat you with their experience. Always take them down by prayer!

10. Meditation on the Word propels your divine inheritance to emerge from the invisible world.


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